A Great Site: Jefferson County Schools

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I came across this math website and thought it worthy of sharing. It is the Middle School Math site from Jefferson County Schools in Tennessee.  It does have a lot of math resources, but it also includes resources for other curriculum areas, as well.

There are a lot of links here, and I wasn’t quite sure where to explore first.  They have links to sites for algebra, geometry, statistics and also general math sites that cover a range of topics.  Then there are also various PowerPoint presentations on the main page that go through math topics and are ready to use with your class.

If you scroll down and click on More Math Presentations, you are taken to another page of PowerPoint resources for K-5 and 6-12 in math, language arts, science, social studies, the arts, health, and library.  Some of the presentations are very basic, but others have been developed into Jeopardy and other games. While on that page, look over to the right sidebar for the Quick Links. There you will find other goodies, such as the “Daily Dose of Math”, Game Board links, Science Fair resources, Tech Tutorials, a link to their Dynamic Curriculum site (which has even more resources), to name just a few.

I would recommend spending some time to explore this site. I have found many things that I can incorporate into my lessons, and hopefully you will, too.

The HTML Challenge

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I am, by no means, a tech guru.

I can work my way around the back end of a Google site, where my site was originally hosted. Now I am on WordPress, and I can still work my way through the back end, but it is the finer details that cause some problems.

For example, when I transferred my content from Google to WordPress, not all of the content was the same size (still working out those issues). So as I update pages (gotta love the summer), I am trying to figure out how to change all data so that it is the same size. This is not so easy on the visual mode, and so I ventured into the HTML view. Brave? Stupid? The jury is still out.

I did a quick search for HTML tutorials, spent some time going through some of the basics, and then began to make some minor – very minor – changes. All was going well and I was making some good updates. I did this for a few days until I ran into some trouble. I was making what I thought was a basic change, and I refreshed the front end of the site to see the updates. But alas, I no longer had a background on the page that I was updating. I scrolled down, and realized that my background had been pushed to the bottom. This was a simple fix, as I found out later, but my initial response was, “Uh oh”.

One of the reasons that I ventured into HTML-land was that I have a backup system by way of my husband’s company’s tech team (true gurus who fixed the problem in a snap), but it certainly opened my eyes to the fact that I need more HTML training before I explore again. I choose to do my training on my own time, and self-learning on the internet is my preferred go-to method.

Here are a few of the sites that I am exploring and would love to hear your suggestions:



Connecting Math

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I am continuously looking for ways to connect math learning meaningful and connected to the outside world. Here are a few resources that I have found along the way:

Real World Math – This site offers ideas for incorporating Google Earth into the math curriculum.

mathalicious – This site strives to provide real-world connections in all areas of math learning

Math in Daily Life – From learner.org, exploration of a few math concepts and how they are applied

Yummy Math – This site offers various ideas, organized by math strands

Radical Math – A resource to integrate social justice issues into the math classroom

Bowland Maths – A good resource for real world assessment tasks

Inspired by Rube

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Thanks to @fastcompany for showcasing and @NYTimesLearning for retweeting this great Rube Goldberg Machine.  Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine apparently takes pictures and videos of his spectators during the four or so minutes of the Rube Goldberg extravaganza.


After watching that video I decided that I had seen a few other Rube Goldberg videos worth sharing, as well. I present them here, just in case you haven’t seen them yet….

One of the very first Rube Goldberg machine videos that I saw (a few years ago already) was of this Honda Ad:


And if you want to learn how the Honda ad was created:


Then there is rock band OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” video:

And if you want to learn about the making of the video, read the article in Wired Magazine’s Gadget Lab

And finally, a few last Rube Goldberg designs that I enjoyed:

Vodafone Domino Effect

Amazing Trick Shot


Baynham and Tyers

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