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Interactive sites allow students to practice learned concepts in a fun and engaging way, especially with the increased use of interactive whiteboards and iPads. This week I have chosen to share some of my favourite interactive science websites. If you have a website that I should add to my list, please send it along.

Have a great week.

Phet Interactives

Nova Interactives from PBS

Utah Education Network Interactives

Foss Interactives

Sheppart Software

NASA For Students

Sumanas Inc

Science NetLinks

Jefferson Lab

Cool School

SEED Laboratory

BBC Schools Primary

BBC Schools Secondary


WISC Online Learning Objects

Study Jams

Problems of the Week

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As I continue to find ways to enrich my math program, I have been searching for good problem of the week or problem of the month sites. Here is my growing list of resources that I have found online:

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week – Grades 7 – 12

University of Waterloo Emmy Noether Circles – Grades 5-6



Abacus Math Challenges

Word Problems for Kids

Glenoe Math – Algebra Problems

Problem of the Month

University of Mississipi Math Challenges

As always, I welcome any suggestions of resources to add to this list.
Have a great week.

Go With the Flow

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My grade 8 students are currently learning about the properties of fluids. They already conducted labs on density and viscosity, and are now adding buoyancy into the mix. This will be followed with discussions of hydraulics and pneumatics. In order for them to explore how all of these properties work together, these are the activities I have planned for the next few weeks:

Build a tin foil boat that can hold as many pennies as possible:

My students have already completed this. I modified the activity that was presented in our Nelson Science and Technology resource, but a similar activity can be found here.

Float My Boat

The students were not only challenged to find a way to build a boat that held as many pennies as possible, but they also wanted to “outdo” their peers by having their boat hold more pennies. It was a fun day filled with learning and friendly competition. As a follow up, students were asked to explain how the tin foil boat design was modified as they carried out the activity and identify which design worked best, and why.


Explorations with diving balls, Cartesian divers, and density kits:

Cartesian Diver Activities from the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Resources from The Marine Institute

Density Block Activity from Arbor Scientific


Investigation of Ballast Water:

Students will research the problems associated with using ballast tanks and some of the solutions currently in use. They will present their findings through the viewpoint of those affected, and they will be required to consider their audience. This is an IB task, and the rubrics follow the IB standards.

Ballast Water Management


Investigation of Hydraulics and Pneumatics:

After conceptual discussions, the students will have time to explore hydraulics and pneumatics while using syringes and tubing. They will then design a hydraulic or pneumatic system that will move an object a certain distance.

Make it Move


As students explore, the following interactive sites and videos will be available for them:

Balloons and Buoyancy Interactive Simulation – from PhET lab, explore by filling the balloons with different gases

Buoyancy Explorer Interactive Activity – from SEED, drop blocks into different liquids to see what will happen

Eureka Video on Buoyancy

Brainpop Science Buoyancy Site

How Stuff Works – Submarines

If you have any other great resources that I can incorporate, I would love to hear about them.
Have a great week.

Holocaust Education Week in Toronto

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Holocaust Education Week in Toronto is from November 1-9th. In honour of the week, I would like to share one of my favourite related websites:

The Secret Annex Online
This website teaches about Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, as well as guides you through a tour of a 3D online version of her house. It is part of the larger Anne Frank Museum website, which has a wealth of information shared in various digital means. It is a wonderful website to visit, both to teach students about her history and to explore the many ways to effectively share information online.

And if you are interested in learning more about Toronto’s Holocause Education week:

Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre
A wealth of resources for the general public and educators.

Have a great week.

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