Click here for my projects that support the Ontario Curriculum science units. (Please note that my most current projects use International Baccalaureate rubrics.)

Science Net – Science links organized by the Toronto Public Library
Envirolink – Good resource for environmental information
Physical Science for Middle School – As the name implies, resources and links for topics in physical science
Utah Science Cybertexts – Online textbook
Middle School Science – Another good resource for handouts and lessons – And yet another good resource for handouts and lessons
Awesome Science Teacher Resources – Links, puzzles, games, lessons and handouts – Life science resources
Awesome Science Teacher Resources – Links, activities and worksheets in biology and chemistry
Fear of Physics – Many physics concepts explained
Teach Engineering – Digital library of engineering lessons and activities
eGFI – Another engineering resource – resources for inquiry, physical and life science, earth and space, science and tech/society, history of science
Science World Resources – lessons on many topics
Careers in Science from Science Buddies
Succeeding with Science – activities, lessons and interactives
Scale of the Universe and Scale of the Universe 2 – explores relative sizes of all things in the universe
Wonderville – activities, interactives, comics and games
Biointeractive from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute – videos, animations, lectures, interactives, virtual labs and classroom lessons/activities
Science Webquests from the San Diego State University College of Education – Explore by grade level k-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


Interactives, Simulations and Animations
PhET Interactive Simulations – Amazing similations in many topics
The Particle Adventure – Interactive tour of all things to do with particles
Utah Education Network Interactives – Interactive sites for many science topics
Science NetLinks – Link to their interactive resource page, but they also have lessons and activities
Biology in Motion – Interactives
Sumanas Animation Gallery – Science animations
WebElements – Interactive Periodic Table
Nova Science Videos – from PBS, science videos on many topics
Khan Academy – great collection of instructional videos
Garbage Dreams – a film about the economics of garbage with a follow-up simulation game
ScienceHack – videos pre-screened by a scientist
Hila Road Outdoor Education Centre – Has a series of videos on different topics, shown through youtube


News and Magazines

Cool and Fun Stuff
Physics Games – Great collection of interactive physics sites
Periodic Table – Shows how each element is used
Magic Pen – Get the ball to the red flag by adding objects into the scene through your drawings
Launchball – Great game that requires students to build a system while exploring heat, electricity, magnetism, forces, and conduction, one of many games from The Science Museum
Tinkerball – Build an invention to get a ball to the final goal
Grain Strain – Build an invention to get pieces of grain into a bucket in only a minute
Fantastic Contraptions – Build a contraption to get a ball to the goal
Cartoons of Sidney Harris – Great science and math cartoons
ecogamer – environmental games
skoool – activities and simulation games
Science Games from
CSI Web Adventures – based on the famous television show