Global Issues

As a homeroom teacher, I am also involved with teaching the students about global issues around the world. Here are a few of the sites that I have found useful:

Free the Children – An organization that empowers youth to make a difference around the world – see the page on curriculum resources

Global Education – Teacher resources that support the integration of a global perspective

Newseum – Newspaper headlines and stories from around the world

Teaching Tolerance – from The Southern Poverty Law Centre, teaches about how to prevent hate and intolerance

BBC News – News from around the world, click here to see  a neat link of visualizing internet use over the years

Oxfam Education – Offers a range of ideas and resources to support global thinking in the classroom

Teaching a People’s History – Lessons and resources to learn about the history of the United States

Yes! – Magazine and related website that supports “active engagement in building a just and sustainable world”

Facing the Future – Information and resources on global issues

Radical Math – A resource to integrate social justice issues into the math classroom

A Developing World – From Canadian Geographic, click on any part of the interactive world map to learn about that country (population, poverty, health, education, etc)

Kwintessential – Guide to culture, customs, and etiquette in countries around the world

InterAction – Alliance of US organizations focused on reducing global poverty and providing humanitarian aid in developing countries

CHF – A Canadian organization focused on enabling poor countries in developing countries to become sustainable

World Health Organization – Information about health conditions all over the world

Library of Congress Portals to the World – Links to online resources about the countries of the world