Problems, Rich Tasks and Challenges

Math Problems/Rich Tasks

Math Problems

nrich – Rich assessment tasks in all areas of the math curriculum

Mathwire – Link to their enrichment activities

Problems with a Point – A good collection of math problems

Figure This! – Middle school math challenges

Math Problems

Dan Meyer’s Three Act Math Tasks


Problem of the Week Resources/Math Challenges

Mathcounts and Mathcounts Problem of the Week


Abacus Math Challenges

Word Problems for Kids

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week – Grades 7 – 12

University of Waterloo Emmy Noether Circles – Grades 5-6

Problem of the Month

University of Mississipi Math Challenges

Mathwire Problem Solving

Math Association of America Problem of the Week Grid

Math Forum’s list of Problem of the Week Sites


Pi and Pi Day

A Brief History of Pi

Pi Day Website

Pi Day Challenge – Played through Facebook, a new challenge of puzzles is put on each year, lots of fun