Interactions in the Environment

Living Things and the World Around Us

What’s It Like Where You Live? – Explore biomes and ecosystems around the world

Earth on Edge – Explanation of different types of ecosystems

Living Things – A discussion of the organization on living things

Biodiversity 911 – A look at the biodiversity of our planet

Ecosystems – From the Franklin Institute, a online unit on ecosystems

Canadian Biodiversity Website – Information on Canada’s ecozones and species distribution

Canada’s Arctic – Information on Canada’s Arctic species from The University of Guelph

Canada’s Aquatic Environments – Information on Canada’s Aquatic species from The University of Guelph

Canadian Museum of Nature – The Ottawa museum’s website – click on Explore Nature! for many online resources – go to the Teacher Zone’s About Nature section to visit other biodiversity websites created by the musuem.

The Water Cycle – An explanation of how the water cycle works

The Water Cycle – Another look at the water cycle, this time from NASA

The Water Cycle

The Carbon Cycle – How carbon is transferred to various living things

Breathing Earth – Shows the Carbon Dioxide levels in countries around the world

Investigating Ground Water

Water Cycle Interactive


Adaptation and Explorations

Extreme Ostrich Makeover – Survival of the ostrich in a new habitat

Build a Prairie – Choose living things to allow a prairie ecosystem to flourish

Fun with Food Webs – Finish a food web in three different types of ecosystems

Stop Disasters – Simulation game where the player needs to save a community from natural disasters


Issues and Conservation

Meet the Greens – A look at how we can take action to take care of our planet

do you care? – A thinkquest website on pollution

Endangered Ecosystems – Explore three ecosystems where animals are in danger

Household Waste – A look at the type of trash entering and leaving your home

Footprints – Part of the National Film Board of Canada’s collection that documents the relationship between environmental questions and the social and cultural lives of Canadians.

Welcome to Recycle City – Ways to reduce waste and improve city living

Climate Change – Information about climate change from Environment Canada

Species at Risk – From Environment Canada, a website devoted to Canada’s approach to protecting and recovering species at risk

Environment Canada

SaveJapanDolphins – Website to accompany The Cove, a movie about the slaughter of Japan’s dolphins