Components of the Solar System

Nine/Eight Planets

Views of the Solar System

Field Guide to the Universe

Welcome to the Planets

Space Today Online – Learn about differences between meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites

The Satellite Site

Planet size comparison – An interactive from Science NetLinks, lets you see a visual size comparison of two different planets, complete with planet diameter and ratios


Astronauts in Space

Cosmic Quest: Living in Space

High Living

Tools for Working in Space

NASA: Spacesuits

Make a Mission – Build a shuttle to explore Mercury

International Space Station Comes Together – Flash simulation of the formation of the space station

NASA’s Clickable Spacesuit


Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

NASA spinoffs


Additional Resources

Canadian Space Agency

NASA – Main Page


Amazing Space

Windows to the Universe

The Franklin Institute Online


BBC Space

Starchild: The Solar System



Eclipse and Moon Phase Simulator

Ology – From the American Museum of Natural History

Engineering Interact – Resources and online games (Astro Adventure)

Calgary Board of Education – Sky Science

NASA – The Space Place

Zoom Astronomy – From Enchanted Learning

Adventure of the Argonauts – Online adventure to grow plants on the moon– Lesson plans and handouts

Canadian Astronomy Education – some links, lesson ideas and summative task ideas

Space Unit – From Saskatchewan Education

Houghton Mifflin Space Resources

Crash Landing on the Moon – A survival activity

Windows to the Universe – Information, games and teacher resources

World Wide Telescope – Allows your computer to become a virtual telescope

Larry Ferlazzo’s sites for learning about space