Plants and Animal Cells

The Virtual Cell – Interactive cell guide

The Franklin Institute Online

Cell’s Alive – Interactive cell models

National Research Council – Biology Basics

The Megacell Game – From the Nobel Peace Prize Games

Learn.Genetics – Interactive site to learn about the parts of cells

Cell Structure – From the Biology4Kids website


Organization of Cells

BBC – Human Body and Mind

The Virtual Body


Cellular Transport



Cell Functions – From the Biology4Kids website



Molecular Expressions

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy

Virtual Microscope

Another Virtual Microscope



Cloning Around – A good lesson to explore the issue of cloning from the New York Times Learning Network

The Clone Age – Check out the discussion questions – from Discovery Education

Learn.Genetics – Go to the section on genetic technology for cloning, stem cells, and other issues


General Resources

TeAchnology Cells – Links, lesson plans, clipart and various resources

Glencoe Online

Radcliffe’s Cells Unit Page

Nelson Education Cells


BJ’s Science

Edquest Cells

McGraw Hill Ryerson student resources

Science Source (Pearson)

Introducing Cells – Utah Cybertext

Learn.Genetics – Go to the “Amazing Cells” section for more information and the Teacher Resource section for some great handouts

Disease Detective – Interactive site to determine why campers are getting sick

The Virtual Lab

Medical Mysteries – Engage in a mission to understand how infectious diseases are spread

Making Vaccines – Interactive site to make vaccines

The History of Vaccines

Awesome Science Teacher Resources – Cells Page

Design your own bacteria