Puzzles, Games, and Fun

Math Playground – Great games and logic puzzles

Math and the Movies – Movie and televison clips having to do with mathematics


AIMS Puzzle Corner

Apples4theteacher Math Games

Math Frog

Sheppard Software Math Games

Hooda Math Games

Online Puzzle Games – Includes puzzle bridges, sudokus, nonograms, and others

Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Contains a large amount of logic puzzles

The Problem Site – Brainteasers, strategy games, puzzles, and more

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena

Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire – From the Math is Fun website

Mathschallenge – Some good math challenges

Brainteasers and Puzzles

The Problem Site – Math games, word games, strategy games, puzzles and more

Puzzles.com – Great source for logic puzzles, visual puzzles, word puzzles, interactive puzzles, illusions, and so much more

Puzzlers Paradise – Good source of logic puzzles

Conceptis Puzzles – Another puzzle source

Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Choice

Math Play – Games in many areas of the curriculum


A+Click Math and Logic Problems

The Locker Puzzle (a great solution by James Tanton)

Mathwire – listed as enrichment topics, but contains a variety of games in all areas, also see their games page

Brain Games and Riddles – good collection of brain games, brain teasers, and riddles