General Resources for Students

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

Interactive Math Dictionary

Math Words – An interactive dictionary

Mathematics Glossary – An interactive glossary, search by grade level, provides word and visual definitions

Math Starter Topics – Bellringer questions in all areas of the curriculum – Has information in various topics, good student resource

BBC Numbers – BBC Skillwise information sheets and student handouts

Homeschool Math – Another good general resource

Amby’s Math Resources and

Cool Math Sites – Different from that above

Math Central

Math is Fun


KidsKonnect – Extensive list of math sites

emathematics – Online practice questions in a variety of topics

Middle and High School Math Resources – A great collection of links in many areas

sqooltools – Math links and resources listed by topic

Jim Reed’s math page – Provides tutorials in all areas of the curriculum

Arcamedic Skill Builders – Skills practice in basic operations, integers, decimals, fractions, money and time

Math Foldables – Everything to do with folding paper related to math concepts