Inspiration from the Twitterverse…my favourite bookmarks from July 2021.

I don’t seem to have as many bookmarks for July…probably because I spent the month reading novels!

Michael Jacobs shared some integer war games on Polypad.

Kareem Carr shared a Crack the Password puzzle. I did these a lot last year. I also had my students make their own and their peers tried to solve them.

Here is another one from World of Engineering.

I liked these thoughts about the Toad and Frog game. Here is an online version if you want to play.

Have some fun with Möbius strips. You can also check out this story from Vi Hart…all created on a Möbius strip.

This Escape from the Castle looks interesting. I may turn it into a digital escape room.

And I also like this puzzle from Cliff Pickover.

Susan Carriker generously shared her links to math tasks and activities, sorted by curriculum concept.

Nicola Whiston tweeted a link to her Knowledge Organizers.

And for some science….

What happens when you dissolve the metal on the outside of a pop can?

What an amazing ability to camouflage!

I love these compostable bags.

Let’s end with some fun.

Posted by Ilana Cyna