Grade 6 Science

The following are the units covered in the Ontario curriculum:



  • assess the societal and environmental impacts of flying devices that make use of properties of air
  • investigate ways in which flying devices make use of properties of air
  • explain ways in which properties of air can be applied to the principles of flight and flying devices


  • assess human impacts on biodiversity, and identify ways of preserving biodiversity
  • investigate the characteristics of living things, and classify diverse organisms according to specific characteristics
  • demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity, its contributions to the stability of natural systems, and its benefits to humans


  • evaluate the impact of the use of electricity on both the way we live and the environment
  • investigate the characteristics of static and current electricity, and construct simple circuits
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of electrical energy and its transformation into and from other forms of energy


  • assess the impact of space exploration on society and the environment
  • investigate characteristics of the systems of which the earth is a part and the relationship between the earth, the sun, and the moon
  • demonstrate an understanding of components of the systems of which the earth is a part, and explain the phenomena that result from the movement of different bodies in space