Screen capture and Digital Editing

Screen Capture and Image Editing

Jing – online screen capture and video recording

Screenr – screencast tool

PicMonkey – photo editing

Pic Lits – Insert text onto an image

National Archives Digital Vaults – Use the digital records to create a movie or poster


Video Creation and Editing

WeVideo – video creation and editing

Masher – video creation and editing

Muvee Cloud – video creation and editing

Animoto – make movies from a series of photos

Vialogue – upload a video and have students comment on it

Magisto – video editing

Overstream – add subtitles to video

Go!Animate – make animated videos

Do Ink – make animated videos

Koyote – download free audio and video editing software

Educreation – create video lessons with your browser or iPad


Using and Clipping Youtube Videos

Youtube Video Editor


Tube Chop

Embed Plus


Audio Editing



Audio Expert

Aviary – image editing, screen capture, image and audio editor