Teaching the Strands

Ontario Curriculum Strands: Number Sense and Numerations, Patterning and Algebra, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, Data Management and Probability


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Math Run – Game to help practice basic operations

Lattice Multiplication – Watch the video

Lattice Multiplication – explanation and practice grids

Multiplication.com – Strategies, games and resources to help students learn multiplication tables



Math Design in the Juniverse – For fractions, go to “Invert and Multiply” for a neat widget that helps explain why we invert and multiply with division of fractions

Visual Fractions

Vektor Kids: Fractions – Fill in the fraction to match the picture shown



Home School Math – Explanations of operations with integers

More Integer Explanations

Integer Chips

Addition Integer Chips

Subtraction Integer Chips

Mystery Picture – Integer Game

Number Balls – Integer Game where you must click the balls in ascending order

Patterning and Algebra

Algebasics – Intro algebra site,but also covers order of operations, integers and ratios and proportions

How to Videos – From Math Playground

Algebraic Reasoning – From Math Playground

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Dan Meyer’s Algebra Curriculum


Geometry and Spatial Sense

Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board – Geometer’s Sketchpad Resources

Nova Online – Demonstrating the Pythagorean Theorem

Introduction to Constructions – How to of many different constructions – shows step by step instructions

Dan Myers Geometry Curriculum

The Eyeballing Game – Adjust geometric figures until they look right

Mathwire Geometry

Pythagorean Triplets



Measurement Topics from AAA Math

Surface Area and Volume from Nat Banting

Measurement from BBC Bitesize


Data Management and Probability

Create a Graph – Online tool to make graphs

Graphing – From Statistics Canada

Probability – From Mathgoodies

Probability Interactive Websites

BBC Probability Page for older students

Statistics & Probability – From 42explore

A List of Probability Resources

Mathwire Data Analysis and Probability