Teaching the Strands

Ontario Curriculum Strands: Number Sense and Numerations, Patterning and Algebra, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, Data Management and Probability


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Math Run – Game to help practice basic operations

Lattice Multiplication – Watch the video

Lattice Multiplication – explanation and practice grids

Multiplication.com – Strategies, games and resources to help students learn multiplication tables



Math Design in the Juniverse – For fractions, go to “Invert and Multiply” for a neat widget that helps explain why we invert and multiply with division of fractions

Visual Fractions

Vektor Kids: Fractions – Fill in the fraction to match the picture shown

Melvin’s Make a Match – Match fraction pictures with fraction numbers

Geogebra Wiki – Fractions



Home School Math – Explanations of operations with integers

More Integer Explanations

Integer Chips

Addition Integer Chips

Subtraction Integer Chips

Mystery Picture – Integer Game

Number Balls – Integer Game where you must click the balls in ascending order

Math Star – Integer review and practice

Patterning and Algebra

Algebasics – Intro algebra site,but also covers order of operations, integers and ratios and proportions

How to Videos – From Math Playground

Algebraic Reasoning – From Math Playground

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Dan Meyer’s Algebra Curriculum

Algebra in the Real World Movies


Geometry and Spatial Sense

Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board – Geometer’s Sketchpad Resources

Nova Online – Demonstrating the Pythagorean Theorem

Introduction to Constructions – How to of many different constructions – shows step by step instructions

SEN Teacher – This site provides nets for polyherons

Adrian Bruce’s Symmetry Page – Links for symmetry and for flips, slides, and turns

Dan Myers Geometry Curriculum

The Eyeballing Game – Adjust geometric figures until they look right

Mathwire Geometry

Pythagorean Triplets



Measurement Topics from AAA Math

Surface Area and Volume from Nat Banting

Measurement from BBC Bitesize

BBC Skillwise