Interactive Whiteboards

Smartboard Files

Smartexchange – Search for lessons by keyword, grade, subject, country, or curriculum expectations, but only for the Smartboard

Harvey’s Homepage – Math Notebook files for the Smartboard

Center School District Smartboard Templates – Covers many grade levels and subject areas

Ampitheater Public Schools has a list of Smartboard resource links

Scholastic – Has a variety of lesson plans for the Smartboard

Teachers Love Smartboards – A blog that includes lessons and tricks and tips

Smartboard Revolution – A site where you can share lessons and ideas, all Smartboard related

IWB Mathematics Resources – SmartNotebook files in all areas of the math curriculum

56 Interesting Ways to Use your Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom – A slideshow

Have Fun Teaching Smartboard Lessons

Smartboard Lounge


Interactive Sites

Sheppard Software had many different games that can be played on interactive whiteboards

Cool School has some free samples that they have created for math and science

Utah Education Network Interactives for k-2, 3-6 and 7-12

Teacher LED – Interactive Whiteboard Page

Topmarks Interactive Whiteboards Site

Wicked Interactives

Freezeray Science Interactives

Think Central Interactive Whiteboard Tools


Thinkfinity Interactives

Children’s University of Manchester