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Interesting Resources

This week I came across two interesting educational resources, the National Stem Centre in the UK and surprisingly, the National Security Agency (who knew?).

I was searching for solubility animations when I came across the National Stem Centre. According to their website, they house  “the UK’s largest collection of STEM and teaching resources”. The e-library is definitely the place to be on that website, where you can search their vast resources by topic, age range, type/format, publisher, or year. If interested, here is the resource I found for solubility (which is actually only a small part of this resource).

The second site was found as I was exploring creative ideas for teaching slope. One of the documents that came up in my search was a pdf from NSA website. I was surprised at the source, and so I went to their main site to see what other type of resources were available. Finding the education section was a bit tricky and wasn’t easily accessible from their main page, but I managed to find the right area. The section is titled “Concept Development Units”, and the right side bar allows you to choose elementary, middle school, or high school. Once on the correct school section, there are a variety of math topics with lesson and unit plans to explore. Here is the resource that I found which uses Geometer’s Sketchpad to help teach slope concepts. (Update – This section no longer appears to be part of the website)

Have a great week.


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Sketch Away

I have not spent much time exploring Geometer’s Sketchpad, and I have put it on this summer’s “to do” list. For those of you who are already using it, here are a few websites to help you along:

The Geometer’s Sketchpad Website  This should be your starting point. Offered by the makers of the program, Dynamic Geometry, this site includes information about the program and its use around the world, various classroom ideas, projects, a Sketch Gallery provided by users, links, PD information, and a downloadable how-to guide.

Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board – Provides a variety of Geometer’s Sketchpad resources and lessons for grades 2 through 8 – a great list.  It also includes tutorials and information about the program. (Update – link to longer active.)

Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports – This website provides a series of lessons for Ontario Curriculum topics in grades 7 through 10. Many of the websites are pdf’s and word documents, but there are several Geometer Sketchpad files included in the mix.

As always, I would love to hear of other sites that would be a good addition to my list.

Have a great week.

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