Inspiration from the Twitterverse…my favourite bookmarks from August 2021.

I have finally made it to real time and cleared most of my bookmarks from the last year. Here are my favourites from August 2021.

Susan Carriker shared links to geometry tasks and activities, again sorted by concept.

Transum tweeted that the Boxed in Fractions game can now be played independently.

Richard Perring shared an article that includes Tokyo Olympics statistics. I am thinking about how I could use these leading up to the Beijing Olympics.

Anne Agostinelli shared a Google Doc with “resources to spark mathematical discussions”. I already have most of these links bookmarked, but there are few new ones for me to add to the repertoire.

Howie Hua made a Google Doc adaptation of the Got It! Game.

Sarah Carter tweeted about the Crazy Eights puzzle. I just tried it and got 1-6 easily. It took a few more minutes to get 8, but I will need a little more time for 7!

She also shared this Fitting Shapes puzzle.

Eda Aydemir shared a Bingo game on Polypad.

Nate Madick has organized activities from Brilliant by concept.

Jo Morgan has another blog post full of gems.

This is a good addition to my list of NRICH interactive games. What is the least number of reveals required to solve the board? Also check out the follow up game.

And Jason Murphy put one of the many NRICH puzzles on Polypad.

Professor Smudge posed this challenge:

And for some science….

I like this version of the Periodic Table that shows the history of discovery of each element.

Nikki Wilkinson shared a digital Physical and Chemical Changes lab.

Bethany Saunders shared her States of Matter handout that she uses with one of the PhET Sims.

That is all for now. Have a great week!

Posted by Ilana Cyna