Grade 7 Science

The following are the units covered in the Ontario curriculum:


Pure Substances and Mixtures

  • evaluate the social and environmental impacts of the use and disposal of pure substances and mixtures
  • investigate the properties and applications of pure substances and mixtures
  • demonstrate an understanding of the properties of pure substances and mixtures, and describe these characteristics using the particle theory

Form and Function

  • analyse personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that need to be considered in designing and building structures and devices
  • design and construct a variety of structures, and investigate the relationship between the design and function of these structures and the forces that act on them
  • demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between structural forms and the forces that act on and within them

Interactions in the Environment

  • assess the impacts of human activities and technologies on the environment, and evaluate ways of controlling these impacts
  • investigate interactions within the environment, and identify factors that affect the balance between different components of an ecosystem
  • demonstrate an understanding of interactions between and among biotic and abiotic elements in the environment

Heat in the Environment

  • assess the costs and benefits of technologies that reduce heat loss or heat-related impacts on the environment
  • investigate ways in which heat changes substances, and describe how heat is transferred
  • demonstrate an understanding of heat as a form of energy that is associated with the movement of particles and is essential to many processes within the earth’s systems