Inspiration from the Twitterverse…clearing the spring backlog…April 2021.

As the summer winds down, I long for the beginning of spring again….

Here are my favourite bookmarks from April.


Mr. Knowles shared some good sequence activities.

Christian Lawson-Perfect made a WODB tool creator. I can see myself using it in both math and science.

And these WODB questions are a fun idea for the new Ontario Mathematics Curriculum coding requirements.

I like this Would You Rather idea for conversions (but in my world it would be metric conversions!).

Puzzle a Day shared a difficult track puzzle.

Matt Miller shared his page of virtual field trips.

Tim Brzezinski has more GeoGebra offerings – this time for proportional relationships.

And while thinking about proportional relationships, Jeff Holcomb shared one of his Desmos creations for ratios.

Erkal created a digital version of Martin Gardner’s Red-Faced Cube. If you get too frustrated, you can find the answer on this page.

Allison Krasnow was excited about finding a Meet the Mathematician website where you can watch video interviews of mathematicians from different backgrounds.

Victor Minkov asked about resources for metric conversions, especially with square and cube units. Read the thread to get some good ideas for using 2D shapes and 3D figures to help with this concept.

Transum tweeted about the Groups of Four puzzle.

Click below to read about Nat Banting’s Bucket of Zero integer model.

And finally, Will M Dunn tweeted about the Pirates and the Diamond problem and Traci Jackson tweeted about the Tax Man problem, both of which can be found on @pgliljedahl’s website (just a few of the many great resources that can be found there).

Posted by Ilana Cyna