Systems in Action


Block and Tackle – From “How Stuff Works”

Simple Machines – From Edheads

Animated Engines – Information about many kinds of engines

Wonderville Levers – Exploration of levers in Medieval times

The Inventor’s Toolbox: Simple Machines – Explanation of the simple machines

Eureka Video on Work

Eureka Video on the Inclined Plane

Eureka Video on the Lever

Eureka Video on Mechanical Advantage

Eureka Video on the Screw and the Wheel

Eureka Video on the Pulley

Simple and Complex Machines

The Ramp – PhET Interactives

Simple Machine Videos

Simple Machines Used in History



Friction Explorer Interactive Activity – from SEED, lets you see how a sliding object behaves when you vary the force


Just for Fun

Launchball – Great game that requires students to build a system while exploring heat, electricity, magnetism, forces, and conduction

Tinkerball – Build an invention to get a ball to the final goal

Grain Strain – Build an invention to get pieces of grain into a bucket in only a minute

Fantastic Contraptions – Build a contraption to get a ball to the goal