Inspiration from the Twitterverse…my favourite bookmarks from May 2021.

May is here (or was!).

@GiftedTawk asked about a What is This? puzzle. I didn’t even know this was a hashtag! A new Twitter wormhole for me to get lost in….sigh.

I like this virtual Tug of War template created by Esther Park.

Read through this thread to pick up some good ideas for teaching financial literacy. I especially like the addition from Pixi Maths on how she adapted The Game of Life.

This SlidesMania template looks like fun for review games.

Amie showed this problem that her students were tackling. I am thinking how I can turn this into a flow sequence, as per @pgliljedahl’s chapter 10 of #buildingthinkingclassrooms.

I like this prime factor question from Miss Konstantine.

Fawn Nguyen shared an envelope puzzle (although I will need to recreate it with the Canadian loonie!).

And JoAnne Sandford shared Fawn Nguyen’s Chewable Math site for some real life proportional reasoning questions.

DaNel Hogan reminded me of some of the wonderful interactive resources on The Concord Consortium.

David Butler designed some stick figure health data cards. I can think of so many ways to use them in a data unit. David Petro has suggested some possible uses, and has also created a summary doc with all of the data. You can find that here.

A linear functions menu task was shared (created by Amie Albrecht). The original can be found here. I recently had a chance to listen to Nat Banting explain his menu math structure and I am excited to try it out next year.

PixiMaths shared some activities that cross over with science.

I like this logical thinking game from Ms. Messineo.

Kiran Bacche tweeted about the Sliding Rooks math game on DHiMath. There are also many others to explore.

Eric Curts tweeted about four interactive simulations to conceptualize the respective size of items in the universe.

Chris Smith shared this neat data activity.

Em Bell shared this volume ratio puzzle. There are many other puzzles on her website.

And just for fun….go play some Boggle with your students with Jennifer Casa-Todd’s template or check out Matt Coaty’s Desmos Mastermind task.

Posted by Ilana Cyna