All About Weather….and then some…

I have been searching for some weather related videos, and I came across The Met Office, the UK’s national weather service. They have a whole section on their website devoted to learning about the weather. Here you can find information and videos on how weather works, weather phenomena, seasons, wind, precipitation, temperature, oceanic processes, clouds, and much more.

This inspired me to search for weather websites hosted by other governments. The US National Weather Service, known as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a large website, but the Education Resource Collection seems the most relevant for what I need. There are a series of articles about various weather topics.

I then searched for Government of Canada resources. Unfortunately, I could not find anything comparable on weather as I found on the other sites. However, in my search I was led to Ingenium, formerly known as the Canada Science and Technology Museum. I immediately went to the educational programs section on the website, and found two areas of interest. The first was the Virtual Programs section. Here you can find 5 downloadable education guides (The Science of Sports, Weather Wise, Cycle-ology, Astronomy, and Driving the Future). The second was the Edukits section. Here you can find 5 kits that can be “rented” for a month (the $129 fee includes outbound shipping costs) and the topics include space, light, and energy.

Happy learning!

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