Science Misc

 Click here for my projects that support the Ontario Curriculum science units. (Please note that my most current projects use International Baccalaureate rubrics.)

General Resources

York University Assessment of Science and Technology Achievement Project

Science Net – Science links organized by the Toronto Public Library

Ontario Science Teacher’s Blog

Science Friday

Envirolink – Good resource for environmental information

Physical Science for Middle School – As the name implies, resources and links for topics in physical science

Utah Science Cybertexts – Online textbook

The Science Spot

Middle School Science – Another good resource for handouts and lessons – And yet another good resource for handouts and lessons

Awesome Science Teacher Resources – Links, puzzles, games, lessons and handouts – Life science resources

Awesome Science Teacher Resources – Links, activities and worksheets in biology and chemistry

Fear of Physics – Many physics concepts explained

Jefferson Lab Student Activities

Teach Engineering – Digital library of engineering lessons and activities

eGFI – Another engineering resource – resources for inquiry, physical and life science, earth and space, science and tech/society, history of science

The Encyclopedia of Earth

Science World Resources – lessons on many topics

Careers in Science from Science Buddies

Succeeding with Science – activities, lessons and interactives

Scale of the Universe and Scale of the Universe 2 – explores relative sizes of all things in the universe

Wonderville – activities, interactives, comics and games

Biointeractive from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute – videos, animations, lectures, interactives, virtual labs and classroom lessons/activities

Teaching Physics: A Resource for Physics Teachers


Interactives, Simulations, and Animations

PhET Interactive Simulations – Amazing similations in many topics

The Particle Adventure – Interactive tour of all things to do with particles

Utah Education Network Interactives – Interactive sites for many science topics

Science NetLinks – Link to their interactive resource page, but they also have lessons and activities

Biology in Motion – Interactives

Sumanas Animation Gallery – Science animations

WebElements – Interactive Periodic Table

Dynamic Periodic Table

Earthguide Online – Interactive animations about the Earth

Bugscope – Free access to a scanning electron microscope to explore the world of insects


Science Fair


Nova Science Videos – from PBS, science videos on many topics

Khan Academy – great collection of instructional videos

Veritasium Science Videos

Garbage Dreams – a film about the economics of garbage with a follow-up simulation game

ScienceHack – videos pre-screened by a scientist

Hila Road Outdoor Education Centre – Has a series of videos on different topics, shown through youtube


News and Magazines

Cretaceious Crime Scene

The Story of Stuff

Physics Games – Great collection of interactive physics sites

Nobel Prize Educational Games – Also see the Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Periodic Table – Shows how each element is used

Magic Pen – Get the ball to the red flag by adding objects into the scene through your drawings

Launchball – Great game that requires students to build a system while exploring heat, electricity, magnetism, forces, and conduction, one of many games from The Science Museum

Tinkerball – Build an invention to get a ball to the final goal

Grain Strain – Build an invention to get pieces of grain into a bucket in only a minute

Fantastic Contraptions – Build a contraption to get a ball to the goal

Cartoons of Sidney Harris – Great science and math cartoons

ecogamer – environmental games

Simulation Board Games with an environmental twist

skoool – activities and simulation games

BrainPop Games

Science Games from

CSI Web Adventures – based on the famous television show

Forensic Science