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More Rich Math Tasks

I have just spent time looking through the  Rich Maths Task resources on the East Midlands Maths Network, and have found some great tasks to incorporate.  They are organized by strand, and some of the tasks are taken from the nRich site, which I have also spent many hours perusing.

Thanks to @ColleenYoung for this sharing this resource with me.  This site is listed on her blog under Diigo Rich Tasks List, and the site is labelled Rich Maths Task. There are many other sites to visit on her list, and if they are all as helpful as this one, then I know I will spend many hours exploring.

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Rich Performance Tasks

The London (that’s London, Ontario folks) District Catholic School Board has a website called Rich Performance Tasks, or RPT’s for short. The website is no longer updated, but the tasks are still there for others to access. They are real-life tasks that bridge different subjects.  There are tasks for all grade levels and most subject areas within the Ontario curriculum. Each task has both a student and a teacher page. If you click on the teacher page, then you have access to pre-task activities, exemplars, and curriculum tie-ins.

If you click on the science tasks link, then you are brought to divisional science projects. There are tasks designed for primary, junior, and intermediate grades, and it appears that the goal was for students to work together across grade levels.

If you are only looking for science-based tasks, then I have some of my projects posted for all to use.  Enjoy.

Note – This website is no longer accessible to the public…..sigh…..

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