Inspiration from the Twitterverse…my favourite bookmarks from June 2021.

I have reached June….getting excited to approach real time.

Leslie Lewis tweeted about ways to use board games in data lessons.

Kimiko Shibata shared collections of game boards in Google Slides.

James Tanton presents a Pythagorean Puzzler.

Little Miss Maths asked the MTBoS community for game suggestions. One of the replies talked about the Lobster Game (otherwise known as Enterprise), which Craig Barton reviewed. This led me to another wormhole of exploration on Mr Barton Maths Blog, where he reviewed his favourite games on tes. I think I lost 1-2 hours exploring his tes reviews, but found some fabulous resources.

Need some math jokes and puns?

This probability question from Shuchita Amilah is a good conversation starter.

Jo Morgan shared one of Dan Draper’s probability resources.

I like this integer Yohaku puzzle.

David Morse updated his Maths4Everyone website.

This task for measures of central tendency was shared. Click here for more resources from Miss Konstantine.

This looks like an interesting new website to explore.

Traci Jackson tweeted about this puzzle…read the stream to find a Polypad version.

Margie Pearse shared nRICH Math’s Dicey Area game…but as a Google Doc.

DCDSB Math shared some of their problems of the week, created on Polypad.

JoAnne Sandford shared a probability activity.

Duane Habecker tweeted about one of his GeoGebra puzzles.

Adrienne Burns tweeted about the game Proof. You can play the digital version here.

And another website to explore.

And a final video that is a little mesmerizing to watch.

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