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The CEMC from The University of Waterloo

I have always been good at finding resources on the internet. However, once I discovered the Twitter math community the resources I have bookmarked and saved have grown exponentially. I am grateful for all of the documents and websites that have been shared and highlighted through the MTBoS. I am Canadian, and today I would like to highlight a source from my neck of the woods – The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) from The University of Waterloo. I first encountered the CEMC website many years ago when my grade 7 and 8 students started writing the Gauss math contest, which is hosted by the university. There are actually a variety of contests that are hosted by the university, ranging in grades from 7 to 12. The contests can be written at your own school and then the marks are sent in to the university. You can access the main contest page here. Clicking on any of the contest links will take you to pages with more detailed information as well as a Past Contest link with years of contests and their answers going back to 2001. You can even use the problem set generator tool to bring up a variety of questions on specific topics.

Under Courses and Web Resources you should check out their Real World Math activities as well as their Math Circles and Emmy Noether math clubs. Although Math Circles are run at the university, they have posted all of the grade 6-12 resources dating back to 2009.

The CEMC also runs a Problem of the Week throughout the school year, delivered right to your inbox. On this page you can also find the archived problems from the past two school years. Previous years used to be available, but it looks as if an Ontario school board has archived them on their site, and you can access them here. The CEMC is also launching a Problem of the Month, and that begins in October.

Be sure to check out their open courseware, which they have been finalizing over the last year. It includes math lessons and resources for grades 6 to 12 as well as problem solving and computer programming.

Finally, don’t miss the Wired Math section. This is another set of resources for grades 7-10, focused on games and extra challenges (worksheets and answers provided).


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Problems of the Week

As I continue to find ways to enrich my math program, I have been searching for good problem of the week or problem of the month sites. Here is my growing list of resources that I have found online:

University of Waterloo Problem of the Week – Grades 7 – 12

University of Waterloo Emmy Noether Circles – Grades 5-6



Abacus Math Challenges

Word Problems for Kids

Problem of the Month

University of Mississipi Math Challenges

As always, I welcome any suggestions of resources to add to this list.
Have a great week.

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