Circuit Symbols

Ippex Electricity and Magnetism – Learning module

My Science Site – Electricity

The Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits – Information and online activities

The Shocking Truth About Electricity – Thinkquest website

Theatre of Electricity – Van de Graaff Generator

BBC Circuits and Conductors – Online game

pHet Interactive Simulation – Circuit Generator – Create circuits online

When Electronics are no Longer Useful – Lesson on safe disposal

Lightning – From Learn Alberta, interactive module on how lightning is formed and safety factors

Static Discharge – From Learn Alberta, interactive module on static electricity

Troubleshooting electrical circuits – From Learn Alberta, an interactive module on circuits

Balloons and Static Electricity – From the PhET lab, explore static electricity

Squishy Circuits – Ted Talk about alternate ways to create a circuit

Eureka Video on Electrons

Electromagnetism – ….and other things

Energy Use and Consequences

Ontario Power Generation

The Energy Story

Energy Information Administration – Energy Kids Page

Florida Power and Light for Kids

Sempra Energy – Energy Efficiency Factsheets

Georgia Pacific

Electricity for All

Coal Turbine Picture


3E:  Electronic Energy Education – Addresses the consequences of electricity usage

Union of Concerned Scientists – Discusses energy use and the side effects

Power Play – An online activity about harnessing power

Adventures in Energy – An interactive look at oil and natural gas

Sunsite Funsite – An introduction to solar energy

Energy Street – Design an energy efficient street

Design a Wind Turbine – From National Geographic


Additional Resources

The NEED Project – Great resource

NDT Resource

Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries – From Manitoba Education and Literacy

Nikola Tesla – Master of Lightning

My Science Site

Engineering Interact – Information, games and teacher resources (Silicon Spies)

Electrocity – Build a city in New Zealand while considering all electricity needs

Household Electricity Budget – Decide what electrical devices to use in a home while staying on budget

Edmonton Power Historical Foundation

Science World’s Electricity Games