Interactive Sites and Video Based Resources

Interactive Sites

Study Jams – Interactive site from Scholastic

Cut-the-Knot – Interactive mathematics site

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Math Warehouse – Has many interactive activities for students and teachers, as well as other resources

ixl – Interactive review in all areas of the curriculum, search by grade level

Shodor Interactive – Many interactive activities to explore the math curriculum

Math Gains – Interactive networked supports for the Ontario Curriculum, check out the CLIPS link

Math Interactives – From LearnAlberta

Utah Education Network Interactives – Click for math links and for logic brain games

Johnnie’s Middle School Math – Interactive review for middle school, has  a separate site for elementary

Virtual Manipulatives – From, for use on an interactive whiteboard, worth a peek


Video Based Resources

Math Live – From the Government of Alberta, online video modules to review concepts, includes a glossary, parent and teacher notes, and assessment tasks

Math TV – Videos for many curriculum areas, topics are explained by different people so that you can find the strategy that appeals to you best

Math Centre – From the New Zealand Centre of Mathematics, videos for all strands