The HTML Challenge

I am, by no means, a tech guru.

I can work my way around the back end of a Google site, where my site was originally hosted. Now I am on WordPress, and I can still work my way through the back end, but it is the finer details that cause some problems.

For example, when I transferred my content from Google to WordPress, not all of the content was the same size (still working out those issues). So as I update pages (gotta love the summer), I am trying to figure out how to change all data so that it is the same size. This is not so easy on the visual mode, and so I ventured into the HTML view. Brave? Stupid? The jury is still out.

I did a quick search for HTML tutorials, spent some time going through some of the basics, and then began to make some minor – very minor – changes. All was going well and I was making some good updates. I did this for a few days until I ran into some trouble. I was making what I thought was a basic change, and I refreshed the front end of the site to see the updates. But alas, I no longer had a background on the page that I was updating. I scrolled down, and realized that my background had been pushed to the bottom. This was a simple fix, as I found out later, but my initial response was, “Uh oh”.

One of the reasons that I ventured into HTML-land was that I have a backup system by way of my husband’s company’s tech team (true gurus who fixed the problem in a snap), but it certainly opened my eyes to the fact that I need more HTML training before I explore again. I choose to do my training on my own time, and self-learning on the internet is my preferred go-to method.

Here are a few of the sites that I am exploring and would love to hear your suggestions:

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