All in One.

I have been collecting resource links for a very long time. I had some of them organized into various math, science, and technology categories, but those categories could have been a lot more specific. I also have a folder titled, “To Explore”. That folder contained many links from the last few years. There were also links that I had bookmarked on Chrome, as well as the various links that I had collected in a Google Document during remote teaching this past spring. Planning and marking and just life prevented me from properly sorting those links, and so the number of unorganized links was getting out of hand. Realizing that this school year will probably be demanding in new ways, I decided that at the very least, my computer should be well organized. And so I went about the task of re-organizing everything on my desktop, resource links and all. The files were easy to sort, but the resource links were harder. I couldn’t decide on the best method to house these links. Should I keep them within desktop files, or should I move them online?  I decided to move them online. The next question was which platform to use. Padlet? Google Document? Google Sheets? Google Slides? So many choices…..

I started to make a Google Sheets document, but quickly abandoned it. I am not sure why, it just didn’t feel right. I finally decided to use Google Slides. It took a while, but I have now finished transferring most of my saved resource links to this document. My “To Explore” folder looks better, but I have recognized that it will probably never be empty. I have made hyperlinks to move between parts of the document, and I have indicated where there are more than one page within a category. For now it works for me. You can grab a copy for yourself here.

Posted by Ilana Cyna