Inspiration from the Twitterverse (clearing the backlog)…a new year…January 2021.

And so began 2021.

Chris Bolognese tweeted about ideas for playful debates in class. Go through the thread for some fun ideas. I pulled about one hundred topics off of this list and am now thinking of ideas for how I could use this in my homeroom/advisory class.

Susan Carriker showed this open middle GeoGebra activity that challenges students to find as many ways as possible to create a linear function.

Cathy Yenca shared a great collection of Desmos Check-In Activities (there are a few puzzles and games mixed in, as well).

Joyful Mathematics shared some Nim games created on Google Jamboard. The link can be found as a link on the website.

Chris McGrane shared newly developed curriculum booklets which can be found on the Starting Points blog.

Tim Brzezinski shared a list of Open Middle problems created on GeoGebra.

A few fun optical illusions were shared by Abakcus and Evan Kirstel.

Amber Cook shared a Google Doc list of Anti-Racist Math Education resources.

NRICH Maths shared case studies of real world case studies where mathematics is integral.

Dr Julie Kallio shared OK Go’s website where they have created lesson plans to go along with their music videos. If you have not checked out any of their videos yet, do yourself a favour and go watch.

Andrew Busch asked the MTBoS community for any Math Assessment Project lessons that had been put into Desmos, and of course Fawn Nguyen responded by sharing her list. Read the thread to find her Desmos link.

And to end with some science, yet again, Ward’s science shared some fun Periodic Table activities.

Posted by Ilana Cyna