Inspiration from the Twitterverse…still clearing the backlog…March 2021

Getting closer to real time….

Fawn Nguyen showed a visual pattern with a negative slope. You can also find it on her amazing Visual Patterns website.

Battleship anyone? Adam Gesjorskyj shared a version created on GeoGebra.

Gareth Evans shared a few activities for laws of exponents.

Allison Krasnow tweeted about online versions of Genius Square (I must admit, I have not yet played…but I will). The Mathigon version is especially eye appealing. I added the instructions in for my students.

Amanda Austin tweeted about some new additions to her resource site, There are so many great resources on her site.

Margie Pearse shared this resource loaded Google Doc.

John Golden shared a huge list of Desmos collections.

Ben Sinclair shared a new unit to his Knowledge Booklet Google Drive folder.

March’s science links include this levitating bird (I will ask my students to figure out what is going on) and a new podcast to try out.

And for fun, Tech Burrito showed these adorable paper folding critters and Alex Bellos shared a fun illusion.

Posted by Ilana Cyna