Advise the Advisor

I have been appointed one of the middle school student council advisors for the coming year, and I have been looking for resources to support this endeavor. So far, this is what I have come up with:

1) Canadian Student Leadership Association

Here you can find various publications to purchase online, links, videos, lists of speakers, fundraising links, among other things. My favourite part of this site was the Idea Share Shop on the resources page.

This was a good starting place for me, but I was looking for handouts/booklets that I could access right away. There were a few resources that came up from different countries, such as:

2) Student Council Manual for Secondary Schools – Although I was looking for middle school resources, this manual had information about the function and structure of student council, the election process, planning meetings, and communication. There is some data specific to their school, but there is still relevant information. (Update – link no longer active.)

3) Second Levels Student Council Resource Pack – This resource is from Ireland. It goes through the role of student council, how to set up a student council, structures, elections, operation, communication, and some activity ideas. Pretty good.

Surprisingly enough, these were the best resources that I found, despite searching the internet for over an hour. I can’t believe that is all that is available online. If you know of any better resources, I would love to hear about them. Direct message me on twitter.

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