This week’s post is credited to two people, Pete MacKay and Mark Sheridan. Pete MacKay maintains theteacherlist, a daily mailing that recommends various educational websites, as shared by his subscribers. Mark Sheridan sent in this website, which Pete then sent out to his subscribers.

The site that is being highlighted is called studyjams, which seems to be maintained by Scholastic. It has a math and science section, each of which are interactive whiteboard friendly. The math section seems to cover a range of topics, including various concepts within number sense, geometry, algebra, measurement, data analysis, probability, and problem solving. There are options to have the math problem read aloud, to test yourself or work step-by-step, and to review key vocabulary.  The science section also covers a variety of topics which seem to support the grades 4 and 5 Ontario curriculum (amongst others), including light and sound, the human body, ecosystems, rocks and minerals, weather and climate, matter, and the list goes on. With the science topics you can watch slideshows and videos, test yourself, and review key vocabulary.

…a good website to add to your links.

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