Today I would like to share some great ideas from my Twitter PLN, which I hope to incorporate into to my lessons in the coming months.

The first is the traditional Locker Puzzle. I came across the Locker Puzzle a few years ago, although I first saw it under the name “A Thousand Lockers” from the Math Forum.  I recently found this exploration of the problem that James Tanton describes on his blog, Thinking Mathematics!, and I love what I read and saw. I can’t wait to try it with my students.

The second is a post from Nat Banting on his blog, Musing Mathematically. He posts a question, courtesy of Andrew Kelly, that tackles the concepts of surface area and volume. It is not the standard surface area and volume problem that I have seen, and although his work seems mostly to be with high school students, I think that it will be a great challenge for some of my grade 8 students.

The last is a great way to get your students excited for the Superbowl next weekend. This Superbowl lesson on Yummy Math leads students to investigate the cost of  advertisements for the Superbowl and how they have changed over the years.

Have a great week.

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