So You Think You Can Budget

A short while ago I came across a website titled the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. I found it because I came across a book published by them, Math that Matters, and I was interested in learning more about their initiative.

I went back on the site today and was exploring, and found something quite interesting under the Multimedia and Interactive link. In their interactive tools, they have a section titled “So You Think You Can Budget”.  It takes the Canadian budget figures from March 2011, and allows you to decide how to spend the nation’s money. There is a detailed list of spending choices that represent the interests of the varied citizens of our country. It would allow older students to gain some understanding of the difficult choices that are involved in budgeting for a country.

And when you have some spare time on your hands, go explore their website. There are lots of goodies to be found.

Have a great week.

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