New Puzzle – Foxes and Rabbits

I have been trying to organize my math puzzle folder (which is quite the job). I came across this Hunter and Rabbit puzzle sometime last year and made a (boring and unimpressive) Smartboard file so that my math students could do it together as a class. That didn’t work out as well as I had hoped and the students could have been more engaged. Last week I came across the link and Smartboard file in my puzzle folder and decided to work on this puzzle. I made it into a hand’s on puzzle so that my students could work on it together in small groups. The original puzzle uses hunters and rabbits, but I decided to remove the hunters and use foxes instead. I was searching for a head-on view of the rabbit but couldn’t find one that I liked that was royalty free and labelled for legal reuse. I laminated the puzzle board and pieces and used it last week. All (or almost all) of my students were engaged (in two different classes) and one student asked if we can do a puzzle every week. I have a lot more laminating to do!

Here is the link to download my Foxes and Rabbits puzzle.

Posted by Ilana Cyna

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