A Smart Educator

I have been very good at using my Smartboard to enhance my curriculum with interative websites, but I feel as if I could be doing more with the Notebook software. So I have been searching the internet for Notebook files that have already been created, that I can either use as is or make slight modificaitons in order to fit my needs. So far, this is what I have found:

1. Smart Educator Resources

This is usually the first place that I check. There are a few different ways to search. You can go into the SmartExchange, where you can search for lessons by keyword, grade, or subject. You can also search the lesson activities by country and related curriculum expectations.

2. Scholastic’s Interactive Whiteboard Lessons Page

Another set of Notebook collections.

3. Mathgains

From the Edugains website – they have added TIPS interactive whiteboard lessons. There aren’t many, but they have to start somewhere…..

4. There are also a series of blogs that you can find regarding Smartboard use. Here are a few to start you off….

Teachers Love SmartBoards

SmartBoard Revolution

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