Fun with Applets

This week I am beginning Pythagorean Theorem with my students.  They will have the chance to explore some applets. Here are the ones that I will be using:

IES Applet  This is one of a series of applets on Pythagorean Theorem on this website, but it is my favourite of the group. In this applet squares a and b get broken into pieces, and then all of the pieces from both squares must be rearranged to fit into square c. (Update – link to no longer active)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  There are two different puzzles to solve in this applet. In the first puzzle, there is a shape that has an area of c2 and another shape that has an area of a2 + b2. The same pieces are used to fill each of the two shapes, thus showing that the shapes have the same area.  The second puzzle is similar in nature to the first, but the pieces are different and the two shapes are the same.

Nova Applet  This applet allows the user to drag all of square a into square c, and then break apart square b so that the smaller squares fill the empty space in square c.

Davis Associates  This demonstration moves pieces around to show that the area of square c is equal to the area of squares a + b.

After they explore some applets, they will choose their favourite one and attempt to use the concepts to create a hands-on interactive activity. Please feel free to use and modify the following assignment sheet:

Pondering Pythagoras

If you have other Pythagorean Theorem ideas that I could incorporate into my lesson, I would love to hear from you.

Have a  great week.

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