Project Examples

The following are my projects that support the Ontario Curriculum science units. (Please note that my most current projects use International Baccalaureate rubrics.)


Observations vs Inferences Powerpoint

Observations vs. Inferences


Grade 6 Projects

Biodiversity Task – Students become members of conservation groups in order to highlight biodiversity issues around the world.

It’ Electrifying! – Students design and build an invention that converts electrical energy into another form of energy.


Grade 7 Projects

Can You Stand It? – Students redesign an older structure with design considerations of today’s world.

Energy Conservation Inc – Students become an owner of a new company that evaluates energy efficiency of homes, and must design an advertisement for the new company.

Pure Substances and Mixture Unit Task – Students must separate components of a water sample from a river near a factory.

Pure Substances and Mixtures Scenarios – Students must research and propose solutions for one of three scenarios.

Critical Thinking Assignment 1 – CFL’s – Students debate the use of CFL lightbulbs.

Critical Thinking Assignment 2 – Recycling – Students debate the advantages and disadvantages of recycling.

Squirrel Island – Students design features for a squirrel living in a new habitat.

Portlands Project – Students design and build a small scale model of the redevelopment of the Toronto Portlands.


Grade 8 Projects

Cell Debates – Students debate different cell-related issues.

Cell Superheroes – Students make comic characters of different types of cells (heroes and villains).

Ballast Water Management – Students discuss the problems with ballast water use in a creative writing assignment.

Make it Move – Students design and build a system that uses hydraulics/pneumatics to move an object.

Helping Hands – Students design and build a toy that address needs of case profiles of students with disabilities.

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